Saturday, June 26, 2010

Made in Korea: Pot & Wok

Today, I decided to evaluate the condition of my pots and woks at home.. I decided to get rid of my old pots and woks as they have been too long and started to rust...

So I decided to buy the new pot and wok above from the Korean store. They are made in Korea. I prefer my cookware especially the pot and wok made in Korea because they are of high quality compared to the ones sell at Walmart etc..

They also heat evenly and cook well.. and they are made of ceramic base and no teflon!!! Wuhooo!!

Furthermore, they are not as costly as some cookwares.. This cost me less than 30 bucks with 10% discount ..
They are very colorful too aesthetically... They are made by neoflam.. so if y'all are interested to know .. you can just google it..

I like the wok.. it's 30 cm in diameter and big enough to replace my old wok.. which the teflon coat about to strip..

Anyway, I've not use these cookwares yet.. but I've used another korean cookware before and I still have and still using them... They are awesome..

If you want to try an inexpensive cookwares with high quality .. try the Japanese or Korean cookwares.. Happy cooking!!

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